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This paper applies the ecological modernization (EM) framework to analyze China’s green building program.

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EM focuses on the effective institutionalization of environmental objectives into respective political and economic systems, and thus provides valuable inshts into the roles of the state and other stake holders in environmental regulation.

<em>Dating</em> and modelling fast ice-sheet grounding-line retreat in Antarctica

Dating and modelling fast ice-sheet grounding-line retreat in Antarctica

However, many under-developed opportunities exist to leverage property developers, building professionals, and the public to engage in green building practices.

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Though interviews with officials, planners, architects, real estate developers, and property managers in several Chinese cities, data analysis of the green building stock, and surveys of architects, this paper analyzes Chinese green building patterns and situates such patterns among the contradictory motivations of different levels of government and their relationships to different stake holders.

Green dating project in geography:

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